• Vanilladazzle

    Here we go again, Trump had to fire Comey and now the media is crapping out that Russia stuff again.

    The left would criticize myself and other Trump supporters saying that we don't want to see the truth. Honestly, I think they are angry that the American people voted in a non-politician. They're trying to show him that he doesn't know what he's doing because he's not a politician. The media is on the left's side, of course. Honestly, it pisses me off that the media and Hollyweird think they should have more say over who becomes president than the American people. Almost everyone I know voted for Trump and I live in a blue city. It makes me wonder if Hillary tried to throw the election and lost anyway. Yes, Trump wasn't a politician before t…

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  • Vanilladazzle

    This was on a comment thread by a user named Peggy. I thought it was good, so I'm posting it here. She said we can share it.

    How much more proof do we need that Democrats do not care about the safety, security, & financial survival of the country/our citizens & that it is they who pose the greatest threat to the nation & our citizens. They, in essence, threaten to burn it to the ground lest we cede total control to them.

    Here is the proof;

    • They refuse to build the wall because it prevents their future base from entering the US. A base comprised of illegal aliens & so called “refugees” (economic migrants) from 3rd world nations who sponsor/promote terrorism which they will continue to bring to our shores if they get their way. Thus our sover…

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  • Vanilladazzle

    In this country, if you don't like illegal immigration, you are a racist. Here is the problem with that: quite simply illegal isn't a race. One might say, but it's the Mexicans and the Mexicans are Hispanic, therefore it's racism against Hispanics. The problem with that? There are Hispanics who have been in the US for generations. There are immigrants that come here legally. There are Puerto Ricans who are American and Hispanic. If one were truly racist, they would take issue with all Hispanics, not just illegal immigrants.

    I do not believe that we can financially afford to support everyone who wants to come here. We are in debt. When a plane is going down, they tell parents to put the oxygen mask on themselves before trying to put it on th…

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  • Vanilladazzle

    I just want to mention some of the things I'm seeing about these incidents that are just simply incorrect. I repeatedly see the Trump supporters being called far right, nationalists and so on. In actuality, many Trump supporters are like myself, are not deeply on the right at all. The desire to bring patriotic people to Berkeley started with the February riot run by Yvette Felarca. Felarca is a Philippines-born middle school teacher for the Berkeley Unified School District. She recruits kids from the district, not just her classroom and she indoctrinates them. The district is afraid to fire her because of threats of violent protests from this group which is well funded by many unions and "foundations." She bragged in many interviews about …

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  • Vanilladazzle

    The political left is at again. They are censoring out opinions they don't like. One of the heavy hitter users from Wikia just censored me in a politics discussion area on Wikia themed chat on another site. How long should Americans put up with this constant assault from the left? I was discussing the incidents in Berkeley and I was attacked by users and the owner of the site. I thought we were having a rational discussion, heated, but fair. I should have known better.

    Anyhow, this user compared Milo Yiannopoulos to Hitler. HITLER!!!!

    The level of ridiculousness of this is insane! Let's rationally discuss this for a second. Hilter got himself elected to the head of the party and then later Germany. Hitler ordered slave labor and/or exterminat…

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  • Vanilladazzle

    I write this blog on April 27th, 2017, the day when Berkeley California killed free speech by caving to the thug movement "antifa" and the thug group "BAHM."

    It all started last summer in Sacramento at a permitted rally the Traditionalist Worker Party was holding. The militant anti-American pro-immigrant group "BAHM" (By Any Means Necessary) physically attacked the traditionalist and turned the rally into a riot.

    A guy, presumably from the rioter's side, as he had a noticeable Spanish accent, with a camera came up to a guy that was on his way to the rally carrying a flag. He started to ask the traditionalist what the cause was trying to support and such. The traditionalist was pepper sprayed and the flag was ripped off his flag pole. As he r…

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  • KGBSpetsnaz

    1. They're a political party that deals with thoughts and feelings yet they pretend to be the tough guys in the whole situation. 


    Dwight the Democrat: Say whatever you want but animal rights activists will be the winners in the end.

    Ryan the Republican: The winners of what? Being complete weirdos?

    2. They say that the Republicans are why a lot of foreigners hate Americans, when really, its them!

    3. They like to say that the republicans from the American Civil War were actually democrats and vice versa solely to say that their political party was the one that abolished slavery. Ever heard of FDR and the New Deal?

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  • Weegeetnik


    June 11, 2015 by Weegeetnik

    This is a fine pickle !

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  • Ultimatespiderman

    Great news! The jerk governor Deval Patrick announced not only is he not running again for governor, but he has also declined to run for president in 2016! Yyyyyyeeeeeeeeessssss❗❗❗❗❗

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  • Secret56

    Communism is a political ideology based on the ideas of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Communism believes that there are two classes in society called the bourgeoisie, who control the means of production and wealth, and the proletariat, who are used as labor to perform the production. It is theorized in Communism that the proletariat will ultimately grow tired of the bourgeoisie getting the most profit and power from their positions and will revolution to establish a "dictatorship of the proletariat". Under this dictatorship where workers now have the power redistribution of products will be done based on need and everyone will have equal influence over governments power until government is no longer necessary, establishing a classless an…

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  • Secret56

    Racial discrimination and racial profiling have become major issues recently due partially to large media attention on the Trayvon Martin case. The NAACP is claiming to be outraged that the jury found George Zimmerman innocent and plan to pursue civil rights violations from the Justice Department. Yet if we look closely at the case we see the likeliness of George Zimmerman racially profiling Trayvon Martin is unlikely. His ethnicity on his mother's side include Afro-Peruvian ancestry and he has no history of racist behavior. It could be argued that the NAACP racially profiled George Zimmerman because he appeared white and his "victim" was black so he must have been racist. So why was race made such a big issue? We could say that civil righ…

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  • Secret56

    It seems like lately with the Obama Administration it is just one scandal after another. The IRS unfairly investigating conservative groups, particularly groups with "Tea Party" in the name. The NSA spying on and collecting millions of people's phone records and tracking Internet use. The lack of information regarding what really happened in Benghazi. Guantanamo Bay has been detaining several people without giving them a fair trial or even charging them with a crime. U.S. Drones were involved in killing four U.S. citizens, who obviously were also not given a fair trial. Bare in mind this is a President who made promises to close Guantanamo Bay as well as have "the most transparent government in U.S. History". It seems like the so called mo…

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  • IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart

    Omashu Rocks made a good point, so I decided to make this blog of pictures I post! :)

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  • GhostFace1234

    Hello everyone

    April 26, 2013 by GhostFace1234

    Hi im Ghost Face and im a 16year old conservative republican. I came across this wiki and thought it would be a cool place to share political viewpoints with fellow conservatives and help edit and improve this wiki. I am glad to be here.

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  • Henryjh98

    Henryjh98 here.

    Well, I'm sure you all have heard about the two bombings at the end of the Boston Marathon today. If you haven't, read about it here. I'm sure it's also all over the web.

    But anyway, around 3 o'clock EST, a small explosion went off in the spectator's area around the finish line for the 117th Annual Boston Marathon. So far, two people have died and over 130 were injured, nearly 25 critically. It's a tragic day for the US and the world, as over 56 nationalities competed in this 26.2 mile race.

    People were injured today by some terroristic mongrel. Innocent children and normal, everyday people were hurt, or even killed, by this monster. He's wreaked terror on our nation and has caused much pain, suffering, and grief. 

    The US, as a…

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  • IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart

    Hi I decided to join this wiki!

    I am a Conservative and I know lots about Ronald Reagan and I am kind of an Apprentice Conservative, meaning I'm learning about these issues because before election, I didn't really care because I was all, just vote for the Conservative. Now I'm trying to learn what they stand for, so I hope you teach me some things.

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  • Omashu Rocks

    RNC Reelects Failure

    January 26, 2013 by Omashu Rocks

    Just got hold of some very disturbing news while on Twitter...

    "Mhm. Well then. Yep."

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  • Omashu Rocks

    Crazy Al Strikes Again

    January 18, 2013 by Omashu Rocks

    You've heard him rant against Jews. You've heard him rant against gays. You've heard him struggle to finish a sentence after his teleprompter breaks down. Well now, the Reverend Al Sharpton is back with another great hit! For those who don't know, King Obama recently signed 19 executive orders enhancing gun control. According to the law, executive orders are only available to the President to enforce an already existing law: one that's been passed by the legislative branch. Well, these 19 royal decrees will never see the halls of Congress. Obama simply decided that he didn't want to deal with those pesky elected legislators. In response to these new mandates, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said states and local governments should nullify the ne…

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  • Omashu Rocks

    Alright so now that I live near Washington, D.C. I'll be going to the March For Life on January 25. For those who don't know, this is a rally to ban abortion in the United States. I'm allowed, per my school's rules, to bring one (clean) sign with me. I have prepared a few options… tell me which one you think is best!


    2: 10/10 BABIES PREFER LIFE!









    Bonus: A baby with a shotgun saying "Abort this!"

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  • Agent Slash

    After talking with Mr. Rocks, I have been appointed as head of the Congressional Brief.

    Now, it's been a while since our last issue, but I am going to try to get an issue out in the next two weeks, and you know what that means: we need articles! If anyone is interested, contact me and have your articles written by January, 23. My goal is to get a new issue out every two weeks, so we'll see how that goes.

    And that's all, my fellow conservatives. This is Slash, mission complete! 00:53, January 10, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Agent Slash

    Rush: Listen up, Eddy! Here's how things ought to be!

    You quit your job and admit you're not better than me!

    I'm on the air every day from 12 to 3 and I'm shining.

    While you're over on MSNBC freaking out and whining

    About how the Republicans are supposedly the enemy

    But how many Conservatives are actually evil? Not very many!

    For God's sakes, take some pills, some herbal tea, something to calm you down!

    You're never happy, and whenever I see you you've always got the biggest frown!

    Ed: Are you kidding me? This has got to be some kind of joke.

    You think you can beat me? Well, you're about to choke.

    On your own tears that is, and trust me, there will be plenty.

    In my opinon, you and Dick Cheney are both enemies of the country!

    You've got the basic intel…

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  • Agent Slash

    Conservative Wiki style.

    Wiki style.

    On Conservative Wiki everybody is so friendly.

    When it comes to writing articles, oh, yeah, man we've got plenty.

    All you need to do is come over to this awesome site.

    And I'll tell you why.

    Repubs everywhere!

    Except for those few donkeys who hang out over there!

    AAA and Raikou come on over here!

    They're not bad most of the time, though, and to be fair

    They've got courage, yeah!

    Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, we've got 'em all.


    We've got 'em all.


    Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, we've got 'em all!


    A page for all!


    You should come here, because we've got cookies!

    Conservative Wiki style.

    Wiki style.

    Cons-cons-cons-cons-Conservative Wiki style

    Wiki style.

    Cons-cons-cons-cons-Conservative Wiki style.

    Ey, Grizzly ladies!


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  • Agent Slash

    John: Oh, my God! Nancy Pelosi!

    What an ugly sight to see!

    You're by far the dumbest Liberal out there, definately!

    I'm a better Speaker of the House than you'll ever be!

    Not to mention my I.Q. level is higher than three!

    Every time I hear you, I just want to rant!

    Can you say you've even read the Affordable Care Act? Hell, no you can't!

    I control the house now, your time has passed!

    And your remaining time as a politician won't last.

    Nancy: You say I don't know what I'm doing, but I sure do.

    Now, sit down and shut it, John, 'cause I'm about to school you.

    You're a bad boy, John. You're not very honest.

    You really should spend less time handing out money from lobbyists.

    On the House floor, no less. There's some real class.

    With you as speaker, nothing in …

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  • Omashu Rocks

    I got into a rather interesting debate with on the IRC, and he agreed that it should be put here for all to see. I should note that what led to the conversation was quick chat about whether preventing an egg cell and sperm cell from meeting is equatable to aborting an already formed fetus, to which we both agreed "no."

    Azulazulazula: I'm all for animal/human equality, but for fuck's sake, sperm cells? Really?

    Omashu Rocks: Are you saying humans and animals should be equal?

    Azulazulazula In my opnion, dogs = humans. We're all animals, and I see no reason why we should think ourselves superior to any other animal that actually has a nervous system.

    Omashu Rocks So dogs should be allowed to get married too?

    Azulazulazula (continuing earlier point) We'v…

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  • Agent Slash

    Heyo, everybody! Agent Slash here! I have decided to make a page with all of my Political Rap Battles on it, so that everyone can simply come here if they want to see a battle instead of having to check the recent activity.

    1. Bill O'Reilly VS. Keith Olbermann
    2. Sean Hannity VS. Chris Matthews
    3. Megyn Kelly VS. Rachel Maddow
    4. Michele Bachmann VS. Bill Maher
    5. John Boehner VS. Nancy Pelosi
    6. Rush Limbaugh VS. Ed Schultz
    7. Dennis Miller VS. Jon Stewart (Coming Soon)
    8. Clint Eastwood VS. Ashley Judd (Coming Soon)
    9. Greg Gutfeld VS. Bob Beckel (Coming Soon)
    10. Darrell Issa VS. Eric Holder (Coming Soon)
    11. Greta Van Susteran VS. Lawrence O'Donnell (Coming Soon)
    12. Condoleeza Rice VS. Hillary Clinton (Coming Soon)
    13. The Five VS. Morning Joe (Coming Soon)
    14. Newt Gingrich VS. John King (Comi…
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  • Sokka jr

    From the editor

    Hello, and welcome to the first edtition of Conservative Wiki's new newsletter, The Congressional Brief. I'm and I'm one of the editors for our wiki's new newsletter. Here at The Congressional Brief, our goal is to. . .

    • Inform users of ongoing discussions, and articles needing improvement
    • Provide users with a quick summary of the latest political headlines in the past two weeks, e.g. user rights changes, major community decisions, discussion results
    • Keep users updated with the latest news, community activities, etc

    The CB is here to help you feel more at home on Conservative Wiki. It features articles written by our own users. Any one is welcome to contribute. If you have an idea for an article please contact one of the editors lis…

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  • Agent Slash

    Michele: Now, listen here, Bill! Don't think that I'm not strong!

    'Cause I'm a fighter. I'm not just here to go along and get along!

    I'm here to win this battle, representing Waterloo, Iowa!

    You've pretty much accomplished nothing. I'm a representative of Minnesota!

    You and I both know that Obama can't actually lead.

    The guy must have gone out and spent your million on weed!

    Speaking of which, why do you think marijuana should be legal?

    It sounds to me like you want to put a joint in the mouth of the bald eagle!

    Bill: Listen, you dumb t***, you're politically incorrect!

    You and your dumb ideas are one big pain in the neck!

    Good God, lady, you have more kids than I can count.

    Does anyone in your party understand the concept of pulling out?

    I'm gonna bop …

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  • Capblack
    [1]' 'I am a believer in the God of Abraham- striving to be upright like the patriarch of at least three world religions. As such, protecting America's Judeo-Christian heritage is paramount to me.' 'Comparative religion is a life long fascination. Our country offers endless spiritual subjects to explore. I was a United Methodist altar boy and non-denominational seeker ever since ' 'Conservative Christians cite many liberal assaults upon Christianity. Attacking traditional values seems to be page one of liberal's playbook.' 'America's traditional values evolved out of her Judeo-Christian heritage. This is a statement of fact, not an insult to Islam or other faiths Americans practice.' 'It's also not a dig at atheists nor agnostics. The beauty of… Read more >
  • Capblack

    Be Your Own Tea Party

    November 9, 2012 by Capblack

    Be a one person tea party! This isn't a catch phrase- it's a daily call to action only each can answer in whatever ways he sees best.

    Liberty stands in a deep shadow now. Everybody who's to the right of DC and democrats needs to become his own tea party!' 'Think liberty; read liberty; talk liberty! walk liberty! blog liberty; tweet liberty! speak liberty; sing liberty; rap liberty; draw liberty; spend liberty, etc' 'I routinely pray this prayer, " Lord, please help me help America! " ' 'It all starts with the individual. Long before tea parties form as groups, they form as individuals on fire for liberty! ' 'Now that the shadow of social democracy looms ever larger liberty lovers ought to become one man tea parties as protection against in-boun…

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  • Capblack
    Many American White folks have deleted rugged individualism and support of free markets from their social software. In its place is an imitation of life I describe as, "volunteer Negroes. "' 'Volunteer Negroes are Americans of European ethnicity choosing conditioned helplessness eerily reminiscent of behavior imposed upon my captive ancestors.' 'The Bush recession whipped millions into submission. This submission prompted a 2008 presidential pilgrimage to a Black man, simply because he offered two simple words:' '"Hope and change." ' 'Obama received:' '* 43% of the total White vote'* 54% of the young White vote'* 46% of the White female vote'* 41% of the White male vote'* 47% of the White college graduate vote'* 40% of the working class White … Read more >
  • Mama Grizzly

    Well as we all know, Obama was reelected. This pretty much takes Ann Romney out of any political prominence at all. So obviously, I must change my avatar, and obviously, I have to pick a strong conservative woman. I'm considering the following options.

    • Margaret Thatcher
    • Nancy Reagan
    • Kelly Ayotte
    • Michele Bachmann
    • Nikki Haley
    • Pam Bondi
    • Suzana Martinez

    Who do you guys think I should pick?

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  • Agent Slash

    Megyn: Whoa! Hold on, this is a FOX News alert!

    By the time this is over, I'll make sure you've been hurt.

    When it comes to supporting candidates, you've only got one strategy.

    You just come right out and demonize the GOP!

    You're style of reporting is so pathetic and so weak.

    You wouldn't even have your own show if it wasn't for you pal, Keith!

    I'm here to stop your crimes on journalism forevermore.

    I'll prosecute you and sentence you to life in Kelly's Court!

    Rachel: I honestly don't know how people watch you during the week.

    Seriously, your whole show is one big moment of geek!

    Let's see here, you're on at 1:00; I'm on at 9:00

    If you ask me, I doubt your ratings even come close to mine.

    I'm perfect, I'm popular, I'm little Ms. Information

    I entertain f…

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  • Makotheactornotthecharacter

    I believe that only watching Fox News, listening to Rush Limbaugh, and reading articles on the Drudge Report is bad. While they might have a bias that fits our bias so it looks as if they are more unbiased, they are not. They are just as biased as any liberal media that you will come across. If you only absorb that information you will become a one-sided thinker. Someone who can only see issues from one angle and thus will be unable to fully support your ideology. If someone brings something up that you haven't heard because of your conservative news, then you will be unable to defend yourself against that attack and your beliefs will be tested. But if you actually go to the other side and see what they have to say, then you will be a…

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  • Agent Slash

    Sean: And tonight we have-

    Chris: Stop talking! It's my turn to speak!

    You and all your pals at FOX News are weak!

    Honestly, I hear too much from you

    It's not enough you're on TV, you're on the radio, too!

    Wait, who are you again? Someone who claims he's fair?

    Oh, that's right! I didn't recognize you, because of your hair

    You're Hannity! That conservative know-it-all

    Don't pull any crap with me, 'cause I'm playing Hardball!

    Sean: And tonight, we'll be featuring a not-so-special guest

    I didn't appreciate the way you interrupted me, you MSNBC pest

    I'll blow you away, Matthews! I'll put you to bed.

    I'll shock you so hard, I'll make a thrill run up your leg!

    You act like Republicans want to burn down people's homes

    Honestly, I don't know who's worse: you or Al…

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  • Omashu Rocks

    (Sandra Day O'Connor's reflection is seen on a pair of sunglasses as a cool electronic beat plays. She's fanning someone.)

    Zoom out to see Chief Justice John Roberts rotating his head and relaxing in a beach chair.

    "Roberts SCOTUS style!"

    Zoom out again to see that his chair is on the Supreme Court steps.

    SCOTUS style!"
    We're the highest court in the land, girl. Lemme give you a tour.
    We got four libs. Those guys, man, I really freakin' abhor.
    Couldn't do it without my bros: Alito, Thomas, Scalia.
    We're protecting our laws from whacky things like Sharia.

    We got Steve Breyer there.
    He's really boring and he's lost nearly all of his hair.
    And Justice Kagen is so short she needs to raise her chair.
    She and Sotomayor make up the Obama pair.
    Never heard of…

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  • Agent Slash

    Bill: Alright, Keith, let me lay it out.

    All you and your pals do is scream and shout.

    Over at MSNBC, you guys can act like bozos,

    But here, take caution, 'cause you've just entered the no-spin zone!

    You better wise up, pal. For you, this won't be any fun.

    You're just here to broadcast my homeruns!

    You know what, you're just pathetic -- you make me depressed, you make me cry.

    If you want someone who can crush you, buddy, I'm your guy.

    Keith: 5,4,3,2,1

    Your Countdown to destruction with Keith Olbermann has begun.

    Challenging me was a really big mistake.

    I'll crush you harder than you crushed Barney Frank.

    Give it up, Bill! You're the worst person in the world!

    After watching you all of these years, I'm surprised I haven't hurled!

    Just give it up already. Joi…

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  • Omashu Rocks

    (Walks out on stage and waves)

    "Good evening my fellow Republicans! I come before you on this stage tonight to discuss an issue that really hits close to home for me, something that violates my principles as a Catholic, contradicts my values as an American, and frankly disturbs my natural instincts as a human being. This issue is the tragic and unsettling fact that each day, about 3,500 babies have their births cancelled, their lives rejected forever. I call it murder, some call it 'health care', but the term that's accepted by everyone is abortion. Yes abortion, the planned homicide in the womb, is why I am here tonight, addressing you as one of the lucky ones, whose mother decided not to practice her 'reproductive rights.'"


    "In fact…

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  • Suzon

    Presidential Election

    October 14, 2012 by Suzon

    This is my thoughts on how voting based on state will turnout. 19 states will vote Obama, the other 31 Romney.

    Colors: Red - Romney, Blue - Obama

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  • Omashu Rocks

    Conservative Wiki users are entitled to an appeal hearing if they are blocked. Suzon opted to have his hearing before the block.

    • Suzon's first ever edit was renaming Solyndra to "Conservatives are evil: you worship Hitler" followed by renaming it to "Azulazulazula is a fagggotttt"
    • Suzon was blocked and then forgiven by , who did not consult anyone before pardoning him.
    • Suzon falsely accused of sending him him hate mail. He insists that he did receive an email, but the sender must have been an impostor.
    • He made the following comments to :
    "Hey Freedbirdusa, you have a bf? Cuz your really hot! ;) We should hook up!"
    "Well, I'm taking off your robes, and putting my gold into your Gringotts Vault"
    "and I guess a rubber band isn't the only thing that…

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  • Henryjh98

    Hey, folks. This is Henry here, signing in for my next blog.

    So, you all are aware of the 2012 Presidentail Elections. . . aren't you? If you're not, either you are not American, or you are a recluse that lives somewhere in the woods and doesn't know what a TV is. But if you are the latter. . . then you wouldn't be reading this. Yeah. . .

    Anyway, I hope Romney wins. Romney, you literally hold the fate of America in your hands. Win. Win. Please. You were placed in this race for a reason; to become President of the US and save us from the worst economic problem since the Great Depression. We survived it once, but without Romney, I don't think we can rise up again.

    I absolutely do not want Obama to get re-elected. For several reasons; one of them…

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  • Henryjh98

    My Political Dream

    October 7, 2012 by Henryjh98

    Hey, reader! What's popping?

    Okay, so the night of the Presidentail Debates, I had the coolest dream ever! It was about Republican and Democratic penguins, and I was an Eternal Penguin (I know, you have no idea what it is, and neither do I. My dream just said I was, so go with it).

    It was an awesome dream, and I'll type it up later.

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  • Agent Slash

    Heyo, everybody! Agent Slash here! So, first off, I guess I should explain what exactly the purpose of this blog is. Well, none of you know this, but I have what I like to call my 'short list' which is a list of Liberals that I despise and cringe upon hearing their voices or seeing their faces. I will be explaining why each of these individuals have made their way onto my short list. I will first list the original five members, and then those who made their way onto my short list later on. Some of you may see this as merely a way of venting about the Liberals, but you are only half-right. I am also trying to explain why I cannot stand them and am providing facts as well.

    I think this one is pretty self-explainatory, but I will still provide a…

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  • Henryjh98


    September 29, 2012 by Henryjh98

    Hello, person reading this!

    My name is Henry and I am 14 years old. I am more active on the Avatar Wiki, but this is a cool wiki that my friend founded.

    I'm a Republican, mostly because of the influence from my family, but democrats sometimes just make me so mad. The fact that they want to raise taxes, support abortion, and are against other things makes me very mad.

    So, this is just a bit about me! You'll occasionally see me around!

    HenryJh98 20:29, September 29, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Omashu Rocks

    My fellow Conservatives: I'm afraid that the Wikia we know and love is under attack. For our precious site is currently being besieged by an evil, villainous organization known as Liberal Wiki. The Godless leftists have emerged from Hell with the sole purpose of destroying freedom and replacing it with a tyrannical Socialist dictatorship. For obvious reasons, this terrorist organization and their nefarious leader, must be stopped, and we must be willing to take any action necessary.

    I ask that we all message Azulazulazula on this wiki and call him funny names, like Doo-doo head. Also, say he's bad at baseball. I bet he hates that. Bwahahahahahahaha!

    IN ALL SERIOUSNESS: We are going to have a friendly rivalry with Liberal Wiki which will end up…

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  • Omashu Rocks

    It's simple, really. It is. Fixing the entire American government is really simple and all we need to do is get voters to push the following plan and force their representatives to pass it:

    1) Ban False Political Ads

    This really should have been done a long time ago. Think about, we watch an Obama ad claiming Romney shipped jobs overseas and then a Romney ad claiming he didn't. One of these ads is telling a blatant lie. Factcheckers have come out and said that is President Obama who is bending the truth this time, but that doesn't mean Mr. Romney is innocent. Just about every politician has said something untruthful in an ad, but what if that was illegal? With the threat of prosecution, politicians would be forced to tell the truth, the whole…

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  • Omashu Rocks

    So last night began the three-day "look how many women we have" celebration for Democrats. And boy, I've never seen racial and gender politics at such high levels. Now, I understand that they have more minorities than the Republican Party, but I honestly think that white people were a very slim minority among the delegates- no way is that a coincidence. I feel bad for the white Democrats weren't chosen as delegates simply because they didn't help the "Hey! We're diverse!" cause.

    We've all watched some sort of live even where a woman on stage says something like "Let's hear from all the women out there!" Except those sort of things usually occur at a music festival or college event. Try this: about fifteen women all on a stage together tell…

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  • Omashu Rocks

    A new Obama For America ad entitled "Republican Women for Obama" features about six women claiming that they typically vote Republican but this time are voting for Barack Obama because "the Republican Party has moved too far to the right." The ad focuses especially on the issue of abortion.

    What I first found interesting about this ad is that the women had no problem voting for the clearly pro-life George W. Bush, but are scared to vote for Mitt Romney, whose pro-life principles are questionable at best. Seems a bit odd, doesn't it? They voted for Sarah Palin and for TEA Party members to join Congress, but it's Mitt Romney who's "too Conservative" for them? Another line almost made me take a spit take "If you are a Conservative women who beli…

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  • Omashu Rocks

    Mitt Romney's pick of Congressman Paul Ryan to be his running mate was called "risky" by the media. The move got this characterization mostly because of Mr. Ryan's budget proposal in 2011, which would tackle entitlement reform and reform Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security in order to preserve them. This budget suffered relentless attacks from the left and now apparently picking a man who has actually proposed a solution is considered "risky". Oh, what have we come to?

    The Ryan budget is so controversial not because it should be, but because of five big lies used by Liberal Democrats and the media.

    5) "The Ryan budget is bad for students!"

    What's bad for students is social security going bankrupt before young people are eligible to receive…

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  • Toph's Fanboy

    Jesus was an itinerant Jewish prophet from Narzareth who wandered around the land of Palestine during the first century C.E. proclaiming the arrival of the Kingdom of God. Like the Jewish prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures, he spoke out against the abuses of the priesthood of the Israelite religion, but on the grounds that the Law of Moses was not to be trifled with by human beings and that Yahweh would come to the defense of the weak and downtrodden. Also akin to the ancient Jewish prophets, Jesus often used brain-teasing parables to make his points, most likely to avoid allowing immoderate individuals to seize upon his often radical views too easily. In particular, he seems to have consciously styled his ministry in large part on that of t…

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  • Agent Slash

    My Political Views

    June 22, 2012 by Agent Slash

    Heyo! Agent Slash, a.k.a. Suki Fanboy here to share with you my views on politics. I hope you take the time to read this, as I would not only like to hear your feedback, but I spent a long time on this.

    • Abortion: I am against abortion almost 100%. If the mother cannot support the child, give him/her up for adoption. Abortion is murder and I am pro-life. I am ashamed of Planned Parenthood's support of gender-based abortion, which is sick.
    • War on Women: This entire thing is a make-believe notion that the Republicans are sexists who purposely offend women. It is ridiculous and a typical liberal tactic. Basically, it is pretty much non-existent. War on Women is nothing more than the result of panic within the Obama Administration, who are trying…

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