aka Henry

  • I live in The United States
  • I was born on September 17
  • My occupation is Writer, student, reader, athelete
  • I am a d00d
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  • Hello, good sir. I was on AW for a long time.

    Anyway, I wanted to hear your thoughts on the Bowe Bergdahl case?

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    • One ring to rule them all. 

      One ring to bind them. 


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    • Ahaha, yes.

      The ring corrupts even the purist of hearts.

      If Steve, Michele, and for that matter, Marco Rubio and John Roberts; wish to stop this corruption: then they must take the ring and destroy it in the fires of Mt. Doom. Before it corrupts their souls. Just look at what it did to John Boehner....

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  • Have you ever heard of the show Big Brother? Basically, 14 walking stereotypes enter a house and vote to eliminate each other one by one.. Well now, I'm creating a wiki where users can play it! We will battle it out to be the last one standing over a long period of time (over a month!) Despite the length of the game, it is not time consuming at all, and you dont have to watch the show to play or get it.

    Would you be interested?

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  • "In the Constitution, and above in my quotes, it states that some human rights are "Life, Liberty, and the PURSUIT of Happiness."

    Decleration of Independence, not Constitution

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    • Whoops my bad. I knew that but then I got so caught up in the Constitution that I blanked out and started writing that :P. I'll fix that in a year or so XD

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • The first issue of the The Congressional Brief is here! Click here to read it!

    In this issue:

    • Sokka jr introduces the Brief to the Community.
    • Henryjh98 discusses his take on the 2016 Republican Nominiees, in this issue's Featured Article.
    • Agent Slash discusses his take on his on media bias.
    • Omashu Rocks interviews one of our newests admins, Mama Grizzly.
    • Our News Highlights features the recent unrest in Israel
    • And of course… our staff has some new additions to our urban dictionary!
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  • I think its time we get started on our inagural issue for the conservative brief. Do you have time to brainstorm article ideas, so we can get an issue out by next weekend?

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  • I must say, LOVE the new userbox. Very flattering… creepy, but flattering!

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  • LIVE debate watching party right now!

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