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  • JOBS, the BORDER, National SECURITY, BIG TALKS, and MANUFACTURING -the conservatives are getting it done. But Liberapedia is offending us and calling our conservative beliefs silly or unintelligent. Proxima blocks users just for expressing conservative views. They say that cristians should take medication and say that if you are not an atheist you are not intelligent. can I count on you to join our movement to make Liberapedia more conservative? You can be one of the people that make Liberapedia an extension of CONSERVAPEDIA and believe me, with help like yours we could get it done. We can build a movement based on one thing: making Liberapedia Less Liberal and helping CONSERVAPEDIA. All you have to do put conservative edits into Liberapedia articles. You may think that we could be blocked however with enough people, there will be simply to many to block thus meaning our Movement can be SUCCESSFUL and Liberapedia can become an extension of Conservapedia. But I still need your support if we are going to WIN BIG for the Conservatives, can I count on you to help us make Liberapedia Less Liberal? (Click on the link below, my original account was blocked for expressing conservative views however, my current account here is called A WIKI user.)

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  • I hope to help your wiki grow and be a good alternative to Conservapedia, where there tends to be more control-freak behavior and not as much intellectual freedom. Though this site does have some bugs I'll get into later.

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  • Mitt Romney Tribute videol... Can I get a copy the one set to kid rock born free

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  • Hi, I just got here today, I am going to be editing here now and trying to revive the wiki. The conservative movement is under attack and we need all the help we can get to speak out and organize. We're not like the left, we don't stoop to setting fires and smashing things to be heard, so we need more people to speak up and help. Let's get this wiki going to give conservatives a voice!!

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  • Please go to the Deletion category & delete the Rick Perry. Photo. PatrickCunningham (talk) 13:09, October 6, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Two users, Gunman and Weegee, need to be blocked. They have vandalized our pages with crude and racist material.

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  • Hey!

    Mark Warner is trailing by 20,000 votes right now!

    And they've called West Virginia for us!

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    • Sorry! I was so enwrapped in the election I didn't see you had messaged me!

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    • No problem, good sir!

      Tuesday night was so freakin' awesome!

      So far 12 new seats in the house!

      We took back the senate and so far have 7 seats and counting!

      We won 4 new governorships! Too bad Corbett got ousted though.

      So what did you think of it?

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    • It was exciting that my state of Maryland elected it's second Republican governor in like 40 years

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    • Lulz. Yeah, I heard he's like the third Republican governor in like a 60 year span over in your state. Congratulations.

      Now just get Maryland to vote like that in national elections!

      So you happy Udall, Hagan, and Pyror are gone?

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  • About the governor's chair. I added the source. Here it is. Just so you know I backed it up.

    Feel free to improve it if need be. I'm just doing some things for our party. :)

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  • The time for unity has come.

    This civil war between the RINOs, moderates, consertives, and The Tea Party must end.

    Now I like this party a lot. I do not call it the "Democrat-light party." Or anything like that. But it arguably needs some works.

    If we truly wish to get thing moving again: we must learn to focus on what matters most.

    Starting with targeting incumbents.

    Taking out a 91 year old man is not making us look good. But taking out the house majority leader shows much promise.

    Now instead of focusing on taking out low ranking officials: focus on the leaders.

    Cantor is gone.

    But Boehner, McCarthy, and McConnell are still there.

    Focus on them.

    If we primary them and replace with the more conservative members who will fight and stand up to injustice: the rest will fall in line soon enough.

    Now if we replace Boehner with Trey Gowdy as the speaker for example: the house will finally be able to stand up to this administration.


    We can't be quick to throw anyone under the bus over one bad vote.

    Yes, Bachmann and King made poor votes over the NSA and their wording was poor. But they've been valuable allies to us, and for the most part still are.

    Perhaps, they view it has a necessary evil.

    I don't know. But as I've said:

    • They've voted agaisnt raising the debt ceiling
    • Helped created better bills to deal with the border
    • Voted no to Obamacare
    • Voted no to opening the government back up

    But you might ask: "But Mako, Bachmann didn't want to close the government down."

    Perhaps, she felt the Republicans would be blamed for it. And she was right. But she still stood againist it and did not want to open it back up. Check her vote on that for proof.

    As you can see; they're still really conservative on pretty much every thing else.

    Which bring me to my next point:

    The term "RINO" needs to be stopped.

    It's used on every Republican.

    Some are defintely that.

    Examples: Lamar Alexander and Jeff Flake

    But to call people like Ted Cruz that? That's insulting. And yes I've seen people call him that before.

    Now if we compare (sorry I like to use them as examples a lotXD) Steve King to Peter King......then that's just insulting.

    Or with we compare Michele Bachmann to Susan Collins....then that too is missing the point entirety.

    Let me ask you this:

    Reagan passed a big amnesty bill. Would you call him a RINO too? I don't. And well that was a terrible decision: it doesn't take away all the good he did.

    Which brings to my last point.

    The media has chosen the last two nominees for the party.

    And well I like Mitt a lot. He does not need to run again. I rather he be the secretary of treasury. But a discussion for another time.

    This time. We must choose someone who can win. And well I'm white: but I too know that a white man cannot win as of now.

    It's time we look to women and minorties for that.

    There was one women and one African-American running last time. But they were struck down and attacked by the media.

    They both had much more potential. But I'm afraid The Tea Party chose not to assist them in their time of need. The Tea Party can win big. Just look at 2010. But when you decide to stay home on Election Day because your candidate isn't conservative enough. Then that's just a vote for the other side!

    This party need to work together.

    It's bad enough West got voted out and Bachmann has decided to leave when her term expires because of the poor showing she got in her district. (The return of ACORN?)

    When we lose people like this; and people like Bob Corker and John McCain get voted back in no problem. Then I think that's a serous issue. Don't you think?

    2016 is the year when we most choose reach out to women and mintories. Assuming they're not like Kelly Ayotte and Marco Rubio (although I hope they redeems themselves, cause we need Florida and New Hampshire Red again)

    So in conclusion:

    Come together and unite Republicans.

    And know that I have the party's best interests at heart. I am no Karl Rove.

    "We can't start over, but we can begin now, and make new ending"

    Just think about it.

    Good day, Mr. Rocks.

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  • You want traffic? You want to bring this to life. I could run a facebook, twitter, and instagram account for the wiki. I could revamp graphics, and revolutionize organization. All I ask is to be made an admin.

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