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Obamacare, or as Obama calls it, The "Affordable" Health Care Act, is a 10,000 page law with over 100 burdensome regulations and has been called the biggest government take over of health care and largest tax increase in the history of the United States. Primarily, it forces people without health care to buy it, and sometimes moves the responsibility of covering health insurance to other people. The bill was passed by the Democrat-held Congress despite most Americans opposing it.[1]

The Heart of Obamacare Edit

A board known as IPAB, which is made up of 15 unelectable appointees will be making all the health care decision for everyone who is a citizen of the U.S.[2] Once they decide a plan for you, you will buy it, no if's and's or but's. This is known as the individual mandate, and not only is it unfair and unconstitutional to force someone to buy a certain health care plan, but this government takeover will also reduce competition among insurers, so costs will be driven up. The law also requires that businesses with over 50 employees cover their health care costs. This has resulted and will result in businesses with slightly over 50 workers laying off until they're under the minimum. The primary goal of this mandate was to ensure another 30 million Americans for free, but as Barack Obama said himself, this is implausible.

Other Things Obamacare Covers Edit

  • Illegal immigrants [3]
  • Abortions [4]
  • The rationing of breast cancer detection[5]

Additional Costs and Job Loss Edit

Obama promised that this plan would reduce premiums by "as much as 3,000%".[6] In fact, since the bill was signed into law, premiums have gone up by over 20%.[7] In addition, although many believed this plan could save Medicare, it actually robs 716 billion dollars from Medicare to fund Obamacare.[8] If these incredible costs were not enough to make one reject the plan, perhaps the job loss is. Small business owners sadly must let their employees go so they can keep their staff number under the limit in which Obamacare would be forced on their business.[9] This has resulted in the loss of work across the country. The bill also taxes wheelchairs, pacemakers, and increases tax rates on families making less than 120,000 dollard a year.[10]

Democrats Didn't Read It Edit

"We have to pass the bill so that we can find out what is in it." - Nancy Pelosi. In this quote, the then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi is showing that she is unaware of what the bill holds.[11] This is most likely because few people have time to read a confusing 10,000 page, 2.5 million word bill. [12]

No Hope Edit

On June 28, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the individual mandate after Justice John Roberts sided with the liberals on the court. Roberts, who wrote the majority opinion, argued that Obamacare is a tax, and part of it is, and that Congress has the power to raise taxes. However, there was still hope after Before Obamacare becomes permanent in 2014, there was a chance for it to be stopped if we elected Mitt Romney on November 6, 2012, using the fact that Obamacare is a tax as a weapon. With the help of a Republican Congress, and the 26 sate attorneys general[13] fighting to end it, Obamacare could have been repealed. Unfortunately, Barack Obama won reelection and so the bill is almost certain to stay in effect. Please go here to sign the petition to repeal Obamacare.

Videos Edit

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Obamacare Anniversary - Lets Make the First Anniversary the Last


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Nothing's Free

Romney ad: "Nothing's Free"

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