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Russell Kirk






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Wrote The Conservative Mind

Russell Kirk was a political theorist whose ideas in his book The Conservative Mind helped shape conservative beliefs among the Post-World War Two conservatives.    


Kirk was born on October 19th, 1918, in Plymouth, Michigan. He received a Bachelors Degree from Michigam State University and a Master's Degree from Duke University. He left school to serve in the armed forces during World War Two. Afterwards he attended to University of St. Andrews in Scotland where he received a Doctor of Letters in 1953. This would be the same year he published his book, "The Conservative Mind". He took a position working at Michigan State but resigned in 1959 when he felt the school had become to focused on its athletics program and not its academic programs. After his book became popular he regularly published articles in conservative journals such as The National Review and Modern Age. He also gave many lectures at the Heritage Foundation where he would become a "Distinguished Fellow". In 1963 he converted to Catholicism and married Annette Courtemanche, with whom he had four daughters. He was known for his hospitality, allowing many people ranging from political figures to homeless to stay at his home, which was nicknamed "Piety Hill". In 1989, Ronald Reagan awarded Kirk with the Presidential Ctizens Medal. 


In "The Conservative Mind", Kirk emphasized that all culture arises from religion and that when religion decays the culture decays as well. He then highlighted what he called the "Six Canons of Conservativism".

  1. A belief in a transcendent order or natural law.
  2. A love for the mystery and variety in humanity.
  3. A conviction that society requires order.
  4. A belief that property and freedom are closely linked.
  5. A faith in custom, convention, and prescription.
  6. A recognition that innovation must be tied to customs and traditions.

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