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    [1]' 'I am a believer in the God of Abraham- striving to be upright like the patriarch of at least three world religions. As such, protecting America's Judeo-Christian heritage is paramount to me.' 'Comparative religion is a life long fascination. Our country offers endless spiritual subjects to explore. I was a United Methodist altar boy and non-denominational seeker ever since ' 'Conservative Christians cite many liberal assaults upon Christianity. Attacking traditional values seems to be page one of liberal's playbook.' 'America's traditional values evolved out of her Judeo-Christian heritage. This is a statement of fact, not an insult to Islam or other faiths Americans practice.' 'It's also not a dig at atheists nor agnostics. The beauty of… Read more >
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    Be Your Own Tea Party

    November 9, 2012 by Capblack

    Be a one person tea party! This isn't a catch phrase- it's a daily call to action only each can answer in whatever ways he sees best.

    Liberty stands in a deep shadow now. Everybody who's to the right of DC and democrats needs to become his own tea party!' 'Think liberty; read liberty; talk liberty! walk liberty! blog liberty; tweet liberty! speak liberty; sing liberty; rap liberty; draw liberty; spend liberty, etc' 'I routinely pray this prayer, " Lord, please help me help America! " ' 'It all starts with the individual. Long before tea parties form as groups, they form as individuals on fire for liberty! ' 'Now that the shadow of social democracy looms ever larger liberty lovers ought to become one man tea parties as protection against in-boun…

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    Many American White folks have deleted rugged individualism and support of free markets from their social software. In its place is an imitation of life I describe as, "volunteer Negroes. "' 'Volunteer Negroes are Americans of European ethnicity choosing conditioned helplessness eerily reminiscent of behavior imposed upon my captive ancestors.' 'The Bush recession whipped millions into submission. This submission prompted a 2008 presidential pilgrimage to a Black man, simply because he offered two simple words:' '"Hope and change." ' 'Obama received:' '* 43% of the total White vote'* 54% of the young White vote'* 46% of the White female vote'* 41% of the White male vote'* 47% of the White college graduate vote'* 40% of the working class White … Read more >