Be a one person tea party! This isn't a catch phrase- it's a daily call to action only each can answer in whatever ways he sees best.

Liberty stands in a deep shadow now. Everybody who's to the right of DC and democrats needs to become his own tea party!' 'Think liberty; read liberty; talk liberty! walk liberty! blog liberty; tweet liberty! speak liberty; sing liberty; rap liberty; draw liberty; spend liberty, etc' 'I routinely pray this prayer, " Lord, please help me help America! " ' 'It all starts with the individual. Long before tea parties form as groups, they form as individuals on fire for liberty! ' 'Now that the shadow of social democracy looms ever larger liberty lovers ought to become one man tea parties as protection against in-bound bigger government.' 'Be your own tea party- liberals "free party" is taking the high ground! ' ' Cap Black, The Hood Conservative & One Man Tea Party. asks:" When will we march against the 'free party'? "(504) 214-3082

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