Recently, I've begun a debate with Proxima Centauri, found here. (although it started here.) Following our first interaction, he posted this on Liberapedia:

"I've started a debate with Mama Grizzly over there. You may like to comment as the debate progresses.

Why don’t I debate at Liberapedia? Well as I wrote above I’ve tried some debate at Conservative Wiki. It degenerated into claim and counterclaim and it’ll take hours or days of research to sort out fact from fiction. RationalWiki can do debates because they have a strong debating team and there are always several users who either know enough to spot baloney or are willing to do necessary research. See here and here.

Incidentally if you know anything that can help me with that debate, please tell me on your talk page or my talk page at Liberapedia. It’s probably better for you to avoid risking getting ban-hammered over there."

According to him, my points are mostly factitious. Well, that's expected. The point is that the guys at Liberapedia are teaming up to defeat me, and I could use some help as well.

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