My fellow Conservatives: I'm afraid that the Wikia we know and love is under attack. For our precious site is currently being besieged by an evil, villainous organization known as Liberal Wiki. The Godless leftists have emerged from Hell with the sole purpose of destroying freedom and replacing it with a tyrannical Socialist dictatorship. For obvious reasons, this terrorist organization and their nefarious leader, Azulazulazula must be stopped, and we must be willing to take any action necessary.

I ask that we all message Azulazulazula on this wiki and call him funny names, like Doo-doo head. Also, say he's bad at baseball. I bet he hates that. Bwahahahahahahaha!

IN ALL SERIOUSNESS: We are going to have a friendly rivalry with Liberal Wiki which will end up helping both of us. We will hold debates on chat, IRC, forums, you name it. What we will NOT do is vandalize/viciously attack their site.

We can have fun and remain respectful at the same time.

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