If someone was asked in the middle of last summer about how the 2012 Republican Primary would unfold, they couldn't possibly have predicted all the twists and turns that have occurred up to this point. One of the United States' most important processes has been made a disaster by personal accusations and allegations, the non-stop brutal attacks from the media, and worst of all, vicious behavior among the candidates themselves. All though they each promised to focus on Obama in the beginning, not one GOP contender managed to resist attacking a fellow Conservative during this long, strenuous race.

The primary has also seen more frontrunners than any election in history. First pundits floated the idea of a Pawlenty victory, then Michele Bachmann was victorious in the Ames Straw Poll. She was quickly overshadowed by Rick Perry who was quashed by Herman Cain who fell to Newt Gingrich who fell to Rick Santorum… Even though we've swapped out several candidates, one man has remained consistently in the lead, and that man is Mitt Romney. At first, I didn't have any doubt that the Former Massachusetts Governor could defeat Barack Obama, but thanks to a horrific primary, in which he faced attacks from almost all of the other Republicans, it is now unclear whether or not he or any possible nominee could be victorious this November. That is why we must end this primary NOW and focus on beating Obama and is 1 billion dollar machine of nasty attacks. If we keep this going too long, perhaps to the point of a brokered convention in Tampa, our party will only be weakened further: our voters will be weary, donations will be scarce, and our candidate will be wounded beyond repair.

For the reason outlined above, I call on Speaker Gingrich, Senator Santorum, and Congressman Paul to drop out of the primary and unite beyond Governor Romney. We can only take the White House if we stand together, and we're running out of time.

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