Conservatives, I bring you sad news tonight. Recently, the Federal Health and Human Services has created a mandate that all employers, including those based on faith will be forced to cover abortions for their employees. This means, that even institutions like Christian parishes or any other faith-run organization to pay for their employees abortions and contraceptions. This mandate has been approved by the Obama administration and can only be overruled by Congressional legislation--that includes votes from the Democratic-held Senate.

Where's the liberals' oh-so-precious "Separation of Church and State" now? They freak out if the Church tries to influence government, but it's okay if the gov't takes away faith-based institutions' religious freedom? This is an attack on the Church's 1st Amendment Rights and is unacceptable. Again, taking control of the Senate and the White House is the only way Conservatives can make things right again. For that reason, the 2012 election just became even more crucial. Until this fateful November, please contact your Congressman and Senators. Without We the People more and more unborn babies will die and will never see light, never crawl, never walk, and never laugh.

Fight the new HHS-Obama Mandate now! Stand up for human life!

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