Mr. Vice President, Mr. Speaker, Madam Secretary, Members of Congress, Admins, Rollbacks, Chat Moderators, My fellow Conservative Wikians:

For years now, the Liberapedia has been engaged in acts of terror so horrible and unimaginable, that their pages are harder to look at than Nancy Pelosi's face. These acts cannot go unnoticed any longer. It is time that Conservative Wiki, the shining light atop a hill for Conservatives across America, step up and do what is right for our society. For this reason, Conservative Wiki declared war on Liberapedia!

Now, many of you, particularly Ron Paul supporters, despise the very idea of warfare, especially random bombings in Libya that are not in the interest of the United States. However, I believe that this war is justified, as the Liberal menace must be prevented from growing to powerful. We can win, as they'll spend all their resources bailing out Solyndra or studying pickles with tax money.

So far, I have left the following message on their leader's wall, and it has evolved into This Conversation.

THEN on of them actually, helped us and made a beneficial edit on the SOPA page. Shortly afterwards, he left a comment on the "Hilarious Liberal Quotes" page as an anon. I left a message on that user's talk, for he is now a member of Conservative Wiki.

So you can see, this war is serious!

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