Just got hold of some very disturbing news while on Twitter...

Boehner tweet

"Mhm. Well then. Yep." <- That pretty much sums up my reaction to Speaker Boehner's tweet. I wasn't sure whether to scream or laugh over the Republican Party's pure idiocy with their choice to reelect Chairman Reince Priebus, the man who led the GOP to possibly the biggest disappointment in its history, failing to replace Barack Obama during the worst economy since the Great Depression. The only thing that got me through the suicide of the party I most align myself with was the only reply to Boehner's message, which read:

"Keep it up! Don't change a thing."

The account that sent that reply? "The U.S. Dept. of Irony." Speaking of the Irony Department, I hear Obama plans on plans on naming an anti-Israel secretary with a recess appointment...

On a serious note, how could this happen? It would have taken, what, five seats to take the Senate? The Republicans lost in Missouri, West Virginia, North Dakota, Indiana, Montana, Virginia, and Florida! After the Democrat-controlled Senate failed to pass a budget in three years, the Republican Senate candidates couldn't win in seven traditionally red states, five of which went for Romney in the presidential election. Yet here we are, looking at another two years of Chairman Reince Priebus. I'll tell ya, Democrats looking to take the governorship of Virginia this year are drinking champaign right now...

This is exactly like President Obama's reelection. Both men failed to do their job, but were re-hired anyway. Whatever happened to holding leaders responsible for failure?

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