(Sandra Day O'Connor's reflection is seen on a pair of sunglasses as a cool electronic beat plays. She's fanning someone.)

Zoom out to see Chief Justice John Roberts rotating his head and relaxing in a beach chair.

"Roberts SCOTUS style!"

Zoom out again to see that his chair is on the Supreme Court steps.

SCOTUS style!"
We're the highest court in the land, girl. Lemme give you a tour.
We got four libs. Those guys, man, I really freakin' abhor.
Couldn't do it without my bros: Alito, Thomas, Scalia.
We're protecting our laws from whacky things like Sharia.

We got Steve Breyer there.
He's really boring and he's lost nearly all of his hair.
And Justice Kagen is so short she needs to raise her chair.
She and Sotomayor make up the Obama pair.
Never heard of fair.

Can't comprehend,
They'll rewrite the
If they don't like what they mean, they'll just change it- it- it- it- it-eyeyeyeyeyeyeeyyy

SCOTUS style!
(Roberts is joined by Kagen, Sotomayor, and Ginsburg) Heyyyyy judicial ladies!
sco- sco- sco- sco sco… SCOTUS style!
(Zooms in on Kagen) Heyyyyy manly ladies!
sco- sco- sco- sco sco… SCOTUS style!
(Zooms in on Sotomayor) Heyyyyy racist ladies!
sco- sco- sco- sco sco… SCOTUS style!
(Zooms in on Ginsburg) Heyyyyy dying ladies!
Alright fine… ahem… Heyyyyy Jewish ladies!
sco- sco- sco- sco sco… SCOTUS style!


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