So last night began the three-day "look how many women we have" celebration for Democrats. And boy, I've never seen racial and gender politics at such high levels. Now, I understand that they have more minorities than the Republican Party, but I honestly think that white people were a very slim minority among the delegates- no way is that a coincidence. I feel bad for the white Democrats weren't chosen as delegates simply because they didn't help the "Hey! We're diverse!" cause.

We've all watched some sort of live even where a woman on stage says something like "Let's hear from all the women out there!" Except those sort of things usually occur at a music festival or college event. Try this: about fifteen women all on a stage together telling every woman in the entire Panther's stadium to stand up and shout. They talked about how Democrats were protecting "women's health", as in abortion. It's funny, if abortion is OK to them, why are they to afraid to say the word???

Naturally, Democrats will be Democrats, so maybe some of you expected them to call Republicans Nazi's. In fact, they did it three times… in one night. How's that for hope and change? They also said that we wanted to make the poor poorer and "repeal health care", but it was Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley who made the most bizarre accusation. "Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have come out and said that they want to take us backwards." Really? Must've missed that speech. By the way, what is O'Malley's definition of forward? 16 trillion in debt? Going backwards is starting to sound pretty good….

There were two speeches that struck me as particularly odd. The first was from a firefighter from Ohio. He said that Mitt Romney would cut firefighters… You know, all those federal firefighters out there. Since when is local safety a federal issue? Much later, former Congressman Robert Wexler said that no President has been as committed to Israel as Barack Obama. Are you freaking serious? Mr. '67 Borders is the "most committed?"

Last but certainly not least, are my favorite parts of the entire night- the videos. In third place for ridiculousness was Jimmy Carter's. Basically, his introduction was this: "We cannot go back to the failed policies of the past. And now, Jimmy Carter!" Ironic, huh? What's also interesting is that Carter is pro-life, meaning he hates women, right? In second place comes the Ted Kennedy video with conveniently left out that he killed a woman in a car accident and ran away, and in first place (drumroll please) was a video that stated. "The government is really the only thing we all belong to." I wasn't aware that we "belonged to" the government, were you?

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