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    Hey CW!

    So, after looking at a site, I have found that there are 102 opponents to SOPA, and 65 supporters.

    We are winning! XD

    So, keep doing what you are doing -- finding websites to fight SOPA and PIPA!

    Otherwise, I won't get to talk to you guys anymore on wiki! :'(

    So, on that sad thought, continue what you're doing, and Wiki, Youtube, etc. will not be censored!


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  • PreservationsWings

    Good Source

    December 21, 2011 by PreservationsWings

    Hello, it's PreservationsWings.

    If you guys didn't know yet, I don't have cable, making it hard for me to find info. My main info sources are and Glenn Beck.

    So, if you could tell by the italic, I'm talking about Glenn Beck. If you all ready watch him, you're good to go. But for people who don't, you should.

    On my first episode (a recent one; didn't start watching until later) Glenn worked with The Blaze, as they always do, and found a ton of different ways that Obama and lots of other people were huge liars.

    Example: A man raised his hand and asked for his taxes to be raised. He said he was unemployed by choice. A little research later, The Blaze and Beck discovered that this man was a retired Google employee.

    Wow. See what I mean? So…

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