The Democratic Party of the United States has often been portrayed in the media as the more intelligent of the two parties, or the one that is the most humanitarian. Yet numerous political positions within that party contradict one another it shows the manipulative side of the party. They support abortion and yet at the same time support eliminating the death penalty. They will gladly take the life of an unborn child, but will rise to protect serial killers and rapists from the electric chair. They claim to fight for the working class by promoting programs for the poor and labor unions. Yet they frequently raise taxes to fund these programs, which not only keeps people poor, but makes them dependent on the government. They claim to fight for minorities by promoting affimative action and gay marriage. Yet when the Civil War was over and African American's were given their rights, the Democratic Party in the south created Jim Crow laws to strip away their rights to stop them from voting for Republicans, since Abraham Lincoln was often credited with freeing the slaves and since he was a Republican that is who the majority of African-Americans favored at that time. It seems the Democratic Party is more then willing to help people, if it will help them in the long run. Much like a sociopath, the Democratic Party is superficially compassionate but ultimately is plotting to manipulate people for its own needs.

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