It seems like lately with the Obama Administration it is just one scandal after another. The IRS unfairly investigating conservative groups, particularly groups with "Tea Party" in the name. The NSA spying on and collecting millions of people's phone records and tracking Internet use. The lack of information regarding what really happened in Benghazi. Guantanamo Bay has been detaining several people without giving them a fair trial or even charging them with a crime. U.S. Drones were involved in killing four U.S. citizens, who obviously were also not given a fair trial. Bare in mind this is a President who made promises to close Guantanamo Bay as well as have "the most transparent government in U.S. History". It seems like the so called most transparent government in U.S. History is actually the most "parent" government in history, since it seems to decide without our consent what is best for our country.

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