Congress has always had a troubled history of corruption. This is do to a number of influences including a lack of term limits and gerrymandering. The Constitution has never set term limits on Congressman thus allowing them to be elected an infinite number of times. What with the wealth they build from their Congressional salaries and benefits, a Congressman has a strong financial advantage over opponents and also endorsement from their allies in Congress. This makes it extremely difficult to remove an incumbent from office. Furthermore, gerrymandering, which is the process of altering electoral districts to favor a particular candidate ensures an excessively long career in Congress.

I believe that in order to deal with these issues a new amendment needs to be added to the Constitution to deal with this issue. This amendment would have two parts. The first would set term limits for Representatives at four terms and one for a senator, but the senatorial term should be extended two years. That way all Congressman serve a maximum of 8 years, the same as the President of The United States. Also, redistricting plans should be required to be reviewed by the Supreme Court of each individual State to prevent unlawful gerrymandering.

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