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  • I live in the area between the stratosphere and the Earth's crust
  • My occupation is Being More Intelligent than You
  • I am definitely one of the two main genders acknowledged by society
  • Toph's Fanboy

    Jesus was an itinerant Jewish prophet from Narzareth who wandered around the land of Palestine during the first century C.E. proclaiming the arrival of the Kingdom of God. Like the Jewish prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures, he spoke out against the abuses of the priesthood of the Israelite religion, but on the grounds that the Law of Moses was not to be trifled with by human beings and that Yahweh would come to the defense of the weak and downtrodden. Also akin to the ancient Jewish prophets, Jesus often used brain-teasing parables to make his points, most likely to avoid allowing immoderate individuals to seize upon his often radical views too easily. In particular, he seems to have consciously styled his ministry in large part on that of t…

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  • Toph's Fanboy

    I will begin this blog post by saying that I don't support any of the current economic systems (free-market capitalist, Marxist-socialist, or Keneysian featuring most prominently in my mind), because they all have their flaws. I try to analyze each with the least amount of bias as possible, and try to figure out how to eliminate their problems and combine their best points into one logically coherent system. I will now proceed to explain where I think current economic theory as a whole has gone wrong.

    The common assumption amongst modern people when it comes to economics, from free market capitalists to the most radical of Marxists, is that an individual finds it necessary to build up a stock of supplies for their own survival before they …

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