In this country, if you don't like illegal immigration, you are a racist. Here is the problem with that: quite simply illegal isn't a race. One might say, but it's the Mexicans and the Mexicans are Hispanic, therefore it's racism against Hispanics. The problem with that? There are Hispanics who have been in the US for generations. There are immigrants that come here legally. There are Puerto Ricans who are American and Hispanic. If one were truly racist, they would take issue with all Hispanics, not just illegal immigrants.

I do not believe that we can financially afford to support everyone who wants to come here. We are in debt. When a plane is going down, they tell parents to put the oxygen mask on themselves before trying to put it on their child. I believe that the US is a plane that's going down and the US needs to put the oxygen mask on ourselves before putting it on any other country. This is also why I wasn't happy about Syria.

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