I just want to mention some of the things I'm seeing about these incidents that are just simply incorrect. I repeatedly see the Trump supporters being called far right, nationalists and so on. In actuality, many Trump supporters are like myself, are not deeply on the right at all. The desire to bring patriotic people to Berkeley started with the February riot run by Yvette Felarca. Felarca is a Philippines-born middle school teacher for the Berkeley Unified School District. She recruits kids from the district, not just her classroom and she indoctrinates them. The district is afraid to fire her because of threats of violent protests from this group which is well funded by many unions and "foundations." She bragged in many interviews about this group being militant and shutting down Yiannopoulos' speech. She even called this openly gay man a homophobe. Many of the protesters seem to be kids from Berkeley High School. Finally, if you don't want to hear Milo speak, don't go to his speech. 

A university the size of Berkeley (40k students, no?) gets speakers all the time, sometimes even two speakers at the same time. They already get substantially more left wingers than right wingers. It's ridiculous that a teacher who does not value American culture and freedom is rallying up minors to destroy property on the flagship university that happens to be in the same city.

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